onsdag, november 25, 2009

Character development

Let's talk about character development for a jedi consular. The light side consular has a larger potential than the dark side counterpart, due to the incredible Circlet of Saresh (+5 WIS) and the Qel-Droma robes (+2 WIS/+5 defense). Neither of these powerful items are equipable by dark side characters, thus making the light sider's force potential incredible, especially at the later stages of the game. On the other hand the dark side consular will feel slightly more powerful (easier to play for beginners) in the earlier levels of character development, due to lack of offensive force powers for light side consulars. It's wise to keep this in mind, since it should affect your combat tactics. The dark sider will make an early use of shock and horror, while the light sider has to rely on the stun-line of force powers until force wave is available. But don't underrestimate the light sider's defensive force powers which are available right from the start. Valor boosts all physical stats for all party members (and trust me, it makes a difference) and cure is vastly superiour (and available earlier) to the dark sider's drain life-line.

The dark side is quicker, not stronger as jedi master Yoda once stated. It all comes down to combat tactics.

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